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More info about Free to go?
Where are the Free to go cars located?

Free to go operates with so-called "Hotspots". These Hotspots are selected by Euromobil, whether or not in consultation with the client. These can be parking spaces on an industrial estate or in a certain neighbourhood. But it is also possible to create a temporary Hotspot for an event or suchlike. Free to go is very flexible in this respect. Find a car: Where can i find a car?

What do i need to make an private or business Free to go-account?

You can register via our website or one of ouer Free to go-terminals on location. You make your account in a split second. For a private account we ask you for personal data, your mobile phonenumber, your e-mail, your ID card and a valid driving licence. For an business account we need more data as your number of Chamber of Commerce, VAT number and IBAN number. Click hier and you find more information about the registration. 

I booked a car, but....?
How do I know if my reservation has been processed properly in the system?

Free to go will send you a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided when you registered.

How do I know which car has been reserved for me? I cannot see a car registration number on the reservation.

As a user of Free to go, you reserve a model; the actual car available to you will only be determined at the last minute. About 15 minutes before the reserved time, a message will be sent to your phone, stating the car's registration number.

What is the minimum amount of time between making a reservation and actually opening the car?

Communication between the site and the car is via mobile phone and mobile internet. In order to be sure that the car has been informed of your reservation in time, we need to allow 15 minutes.

I'm driving a rental car, but...?
Can I park the car and terminate the rental at a different place from where I picked up the cas? Is so-called "One way rent" possible?

Yes, this is technically possible, but it does depend on the agreements you or your employer make with Free to go, and charges will be made for this. If this has been facilitated for you, you must select a final destination in advance when making a reservation.

Should I always pay with the Free to go-card for refueling or is there also another way?

You should always pay with the Free to go-card. This because you need to refuel the car completely full. Your fuel consumption on your trips will be charged to you later.

Should I return the car with a full tank?

This is not mandatory. But if the the fuel gauge gives less than a quarter? Than refueel the car completely full so your fellow Free to go-user will not have an empty tank.

What should I do if the Free to go car is damaged when I pick it up?

If the damage to the Free to go car is larger than a Euro coin, you must report this to the Free to go helpdesk via +31 (0)33 2455055 or freetogo@euromobil.nl before you set off. If you forget to do so, you risk being held liable for this damage. It is therefore in your own interests to check the car carefully. 

Damage caused while you are using the car is, of course, always your responsibility, unless there is an 'other party' present who caused this damage. Always ensure that damage is reported and that you fully complete a claim form (incl. the details on the other party) for the damage caused during your use.

I have locked the car but left something inside. What can I do?

If you have left something in the car and it can no longer be opened using the Free to go-card, you can call the Free to go help desk on +31 (0)33 2455055. The staff at Free to go are able to open and close the car again remotely, after they have verified that you are actually entitled to access the car. 

My Free to go-card....?
My Free to go-card is broken, what should I do?

The Free to go-card is also used to make payments, making it a legal means of payment. If the card has to be replaced because it is broken, you can reapply for it via the contact form. Destroy the old card by cutting it in half so that it cannot be misused.

I forgot the pin of my Free to go-card. What should i do?

Send us a message via our contact form and we will help you as quickly as posible. 

My Free to go-card has been stolen, of I have lost it. What should I do?

The Free to go-card is a legal means of payment, so you must always report a missing or lost card to the police. Send this report (digitally) to the Free to go help desk to prevent the misuse of your Free to go-card.

Have you lost your card or your card is stolen? Report this immediately:
- During business hours at the Free to go helpdesk, via +31 (0)33 24 55 055.
- Outside business hours at Travelcard, via +31 (0)88 110 5000 (option 3).

Free to go will generate a new card and send it to the address we have for you.