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About Free to go


With your Free to go-account, you can go to the available car nearest to you. 
Read more below about our concept and what you need to register.

What is Free to go?

Free to go is a mobility concept from Euromobil (the car rental company that, with its 10,000 rental cars, can always provide suitable transport) that focuses on optimum freedom and flexibility. With Free to go, Euromobil is responding to the flexible automobility trend. Part of the Euromobil fleet is specially reserved for Free to go. That means it is even easier to get hold of a rental car from Euromobil. You decide when you need a rental car, where you will pick it up and when you will return it.

Euromobil is behind Free to go. Euromobil is the car rental firm for Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, SEAT en ŠKODA. With these high quality products, Euromobil has already been active for many years on the car rental and short-lease market.

How does Free to go works?

Free to go comprises a pool of rental cars form Euromobil. These rental cars are equipped with special technology that makes the cars available and accessible 24/7 for the Free to go driver.

This pool of rental cars forms a sort of constant stock. They are cars which can be used daily to get from A to B. They include a compact and economical Volkswagen up! right uo to a spacious ŠKODA Superb. 

Using a special Free to go card, you can reserve a rental car online for whenever you want it. You then get access to the car. As soon as you lock the rental car again, the rental agreement ends immediately. The invoice, stating the reserved or hired time, the mileage and the fuel, will be sent to your mailbox. Simple, fast and smart! Thats is Free to go!

You fill up with fuel using the Free to go card. Always get a full tank in order to allow Free to go to calculate the right fuels costs. This means that you also fill up for people who did not fill up for you. This is because Free to go calculates the fuel costs per trip. You therefore do not have to pay for the fuel you purchase, but only for what you use.

Are you looking for a special rental car? For example a big, spacious van with tail lift to transport materials, an Audi A8 for a special occasion or a Volkswagen Touran with a tow hook for the holidays? No problem, you can make use of Euromobil's Free to go facilities then too. In that case, the rental car will be delivered or you can pick it up from the local Volkswagen/Audi dealer for an attractive Free to go charge.

What our customers say?
What do I need?

You can register via our website or one of our Free to go-terminals on location.

To make Free to go-account
What do you need to register (private)?
  • A driving licence valid in the Netherlands (scan and upload)
  • A passport or ID card (scan and upload)
  • A mobile phone number (verification text message)
  • An e-mail address
  • A bank card or credit card (to verify your IBAN)

Register a company?

Ofcourse! Free to go is also for the business client. To create a business account, you must register the company. You will need the following details:

  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • VAT number
  • IBAN number

Then you can create a driver's account for yourself, and also invite colleagues to create one.

After registering, your details will be verified and stored securely in our data centre.
We comply with the most stringent requirements with respect to the registration of personal data.
See also our privacy statement. 

Naturally, you must have read the General term of condition of Free to go.