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About car mobility
  • Free to go, no deposit needed

    To use Free to go, a deposit is no longer needed!This means that (new) customers have 'free' access to our Free to go-mobility. At registration we only ask a one-time fee of €0,50 to verify your IBAN. 
    Existing users will be refunded their  

    Deposits of existing users are refunded.

  • Free to go at Zuidas Amsterdam

    The Zuidas in Amsterdam is wellknown as an international high-quality knowledge and business center. You will find companies that operate in financial, legal and business services, but also more and more established companies from other sectors are settling at the Zuidas. This growth has a downside. The accessibility and parking at the Zuidas are both the power but also the biggest challenge of the coming years.
    Recently Free to go helps solving these mobility problems in the Zuidas. One of the established businesses introduced a Free to go-car, not only to provide its employees with car mobility, but also to counter parking problems.

    Do you want to offer your employees flexible car mobility? And at the same time avoid parking problems? Than Free to go is the solution!
    For more (business) information contact us through the contactform.

  • New in the Free to go-app

    With Free to go, we are developing non stop. We want to offer our customers a mobility solution with optimum use. Therefore is it is now possible to open and close the car, just with the app.

    You are already familiar with the Free to go-card. You'll need it to open the car at the beginning of the reservation, but also to exit the car permanently at the end of the reservation period. But from now on you can also do this with the app!

    Did your reservation period entered, because you've received the SMS? Then you can start.
    The steps are:
    1. On the homepage you choose 'Current reserveration', and then 'Further actions'.
    2. In the window that opens, choose 'Start rent'.
    3. The next step is to enter your PIN and select the button 'Rent start now'.
    4. Thereafter, the car opens.

    To succeed this process, you have to be near the car. It is nog necessary to hold your mobile phone above the reader. 
    Is it more easy to open the car with the card? No problem, you can still use the card to open and lock the car. And you still need the card to refuel the car. 

    Didn't download the app yet? It is available in the App Store or the Google Play Store.