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User manual Free to go


Did you received your Free to go-card? Then you're Free to go!
In just a few steps you are on your way and you can benefit of all Free to go advantages.
Simple, fast and smart.

1. Register as a Free to go-user

On freetogo.nl or on a Free to go-terminal you can easily create
a Free to go-account. In just a few steps you are on your way.

2. Book a Free to go-car

Via freetogo.nl or on a terminal you can book easily a car.
Determine the start and end times carefully, the car is only available at your given start time and needs to be back on time (end time) for a next booking. 

3. Text message

5 minutes before your start time you receive a text message with the license plate of the car that is ready for you.

4. Start using car

Keep the Free to go-card above the card reader that is behind the windscreen.
The door locks will unlock.

5. The car key and check the car

The car key is kept in the holder of the dashboard compartment. We advise all drivers to check the car for damage.
If you see damage, report it before leaving via the Free to go-app or at our helpdesk via 033-2455055.

6. Free to go-ride

During the use of the car, you open and close the car with the car key.

7. Refuel

If the fuel gauge is less than a quarter? Refuel the car completely full, so your fellow Free to go-driver is not confronted with an empty tank. Use your personal Free to go-card to pay. Note the mileage when fueling for us to check, you can do this at the payment terminal from the gas station.

8. End using car

At the end of the rental period you park the car on the end location, you close all windows and put the key back in the holder of the dashboard compartment, otherwise you can't close the car with your Free to go-card. 

9. Final steps for closing the car

Put the car on the handbrake, get out of the car, remember to take all your property out of the car and close all doors. Then hold down the Free to go-card over the card reader and all doors will
be locked.

10. Check that the car is actually closed

When a car has not been closed with the Free to go-card, your rental period continues and so are your costs.
So don't forget to close the car with your Free to go-card!

More than 50 HOTSPOTS

Free to go is spreading like an oil slick all over the Netherlands. Each Euromobil-partner has the ability to Free to go.

Free to go in your city?
Would you like to use Free to go? Please contact us so we can see if we can organize something for you in the short term.